Sistem Security Services Co has been founded in 2005 and got private security official authorisation licence in accordance with the law no 5188 in the name of law on private security services in 2006.

Since its foundation, Cargo, Building & Facility Security operation have been the main service activities. Since 26.10.2015, Sistem Security Co has expanded its scope as "Aircraft Private Security" and "Handling of Valuable Cargo & Money" at İstanbul Atatürk Airport by the "Air Craft Private Security and Control Permit" from the Ministry of Transport.

Sistem Security is a company limited that has been accredited in terms of scope and competence by Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Interior.

Now we provide service with our 60 educated and armored security staff in IST, AYT, ESB and ADB for S Sistem Logistic Company.


Sistem Security got Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008 quality certification and this has been approved by Royal Cert.

Providing flawless service to our customers, getting customers' feedbacks to provide maximum satisfaction and ensure constancy of services.

Tracking the technology to provide high level quality service to our customers and to integrate it with our company.

—To ensure the continuity and effectiveness of our quality management system with a goal of constance improvement.

—To upgrade the quality of all staff's education by contributing the professional development to all staff.


Under the frame of mentioned all details above we completed our investments, manpower, training and in 2017 our target is keeping 30% of related AVSEC market in TR.

—To create awareness & quality on Civil Aviation Security. Ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of our security services with a goal of steady improvement.